topomech“Topological acoustic metamaterials”

Metamaterials are artificially designed materials which possess properties that go beyond those of their building blocks. In particular, acoustic metamaterials are used for the controlled manipulation of sound waves that travel through a medium. In our research we concentrate on the transfer of ideas and know-how from the study of low-temperature electronic phenomena, such as topological insulators, to the arena of classical mechanical systems. more…

Driven-dissipative many-body physics

“Topology, interactions. and frustration”

The description of many-body systems in equilibrium is embedded in a solid theoretical framework. On the contrary, when strongly interacting systems are driven away from their natural equilibrium, many new and poorly understood phenomena may arise. In our group, we try to establish new tools, both numerical and analytical, to provide a platform for the understanding of intriguing non-equilibrium phenomena. Our research focuses on systems of non-linear photonic cavities, exciton-polariton condensates as well as driven-dissipative spin systems. more..

Many-body physics with ultracold atoms

“Flat bands, interactions, and geometry”

Cold atoms have proven amazingly useful in studying many-body states of matter. When trying to extract dynamical properties, it is crucial to take the isolated nature of typical cold atoms systems into account. One of our fields of expertise is the design and characterization of novel probing tools for cold atomic systems. Moreover, we enjoy the close collaboration with several experimental groups in the field. more…