Topological quantum numbers in condensed matter systems

Where: HIT F11.1

When: Thu 12:45-15:30 (V+U)

Tentative syllabus.


  • Lecture 1, 19.02.2015
    Introduction (pdf) and
    Quantum Hall Effect I (phenomenology) (pdf).
  • Lecture 2, 26.02.2015
    Scaling theory of localization (pdf) and
    Quantum Hall Effect II (topology) (pdf).
  • Lecture 3, 12.03.2015
    Chern insulators (pdf) and
    Topological insulators (pdf).
  • Lecture 4, 19.03.2015
    Topological insulators I (pdf).
  • Lecture 5, 26.03.2015
    Topological insulators II (pdf).
  • Lecture 6, 16.04.2015
    Significant others (pdf).
  • Lecture 7, 23.04.2015
    Fractional quantum Hall effect I (pdf).
  • Lecture 8, 07.05.2015
    Composite fermions (partially incomplete pdf).



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